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Gigi Scott and Trouble Town is now #1 on Reverbnation Charts Regional Charts (Deep South). They are #1 on Local Charts. They are #90 on National Charts. They recorded at Fame in Muscle Shoals and have new songs on the alternative (indie) stations. They just played the 2016 SXSW in Austin TX and are booking summer gigs now.

GSTT was founded on May 1, 2014 and released their first album on July 12 at Work Play in Birmingham. In March 2016, they played the SXSW in Austin TX. Gigi began her career in the late 90s as a singer-songwriter, playing solo acoustic gigs and with several bands. Fall of 2015, Gigi played an acoustic gig at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. GSTT gigged with bands such as Wide Spread Panic, The Alabama Shakes and played numerous, large Southern festivals. Gigi Scott and Trouble Town features Gigi's original songs.

"The Parable of the Cave" album was released in 2014, and produced by Ben Trexel. It was immediately met with praise. 6 months later the band went to Muscle Shoals to record their next record, "Wampus Cat." (If you want a taste of Muscle Shoals music, refer to the Grammy and Film Award winning documentary "Muscle Shoals".). The band members include Alabama legends Ben Trexel, Leif Bondarenko and Eric Onimus. Also part-time members include jazz great Ken Talley on piano and Jeff Lopez on saxophone.

Ken and Jeff play with GSTT as much as is possible. Both Parable of the Cave are both available on iTunes, CD Baby and Spotify. Gigi is the rhythm guitarist and lead singer. Ben Trexel has produced all the albums and is the lead guitarist and back-up singer. Wampus Cat was mastered by former ZZTop producer Don Syrgley and recorded at Fame, in Muscle Shoals, still owned by Rick Hall.

GSTT had the honor of one of the famous swamper, Spooner Oldham, playing a cameo spot on the album. The newly released Wampus Cat is meeting with critical acclaim. One DJ in Detriot (Phil Maq) called Wampus Cat one of the best albums of 2015. Wampus Cat is receiving AirPlay on several radio stations including BMR. The musicians in GSTT are all seasoned performers, all demonstrate a professional work ethic and are each talented in their area.

They have considered moving to Muscle Shoals or Nashville in the future. GSTT is ready to go wherever the sun shines on them and the road takes them. Their songs on you tube have hit over 35,000 views with Americana song, Dirty Water Rising. Their genre is best described as Swamp Rock.

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